FAQ #1: How do I create a Certificate of Completion?

A link to a Certificate is available at the top of the Conclusion Page once you finish the website.

If you’ve already finished the work and logged off, you’ll be taken directly to the Conclusion Page by logging back in. 

Every time you click on the link to the Certificate, an extra copy is sent to your email as well.  That ensures that you can print that email even if you have trouble printing the Certificate.  Courts will accept either one.

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FAQ #2: What happened to ProudToParents.org (for never-married parents) and WhileWeHeal.org (for spouses open to possible reconciliation)?

Both those websites are now part of UpToParents.org.  If you were ordered or referred to complete one of those websites, simply use UpToParents.org.  As you’re opening your new account, you’ll be asked to describe whether you‘re (a) a divorcing or divorced parent, (b) a parent never-married to your co-parent, or (c) a spouse open to the possibility of a happy reconciliation.

Whichever one of these three versions of UpToParents.org you choose, your Certificate of Completion will show that you’ve complied with the order to complete the work.         


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FAQ #3: How do I schedule my live class—and when and where are those classes held?

We’d like to help, but we’re not involved with scheduling or teaching live classes.  Please check the notice or order that sent you to UpToParents.org—that should include the information you’re seeking.  If not, you can check with the Clerk’s office where your case is pending or, if you’re using one, with your attorney.     

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FAQ #4:  What if there has been violence or abuse in our family?

One of the advantages of UpToParents.org is that it doesn’t try to treat all families as the same.  On our website, parents get to choose the path forward that works in their circumstances. 

Domestic violence and abuse require careful attention.  We suggest parents and others in these circumstances start by considering A Note to Families with a History of Domestic Abuse.

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FAQ #5:  How do my co-parent and I merge our chosen Commitments into a set of Agreed Commitments (the ones we both chose)?

Simply use the “Merge” button on your Conclusion Page once you’re finished.  The easy-to-follow directions will guide you through this.

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FAQ #6: Why is this free?  Is there a catch?

We built UpToParents.org through our family charity simply because we believed families in crisis and transition deserved to know of this better, child-focused way forward. 

There is no catch, we charge nothing, and we share your personal information with no one.

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