How and Why Professionals Use Our Resources

Use of and in All Divorce and Paternity Cases

Judge Michael Scopelitis talks about the benefits and power of these free resources

Comments of Judge Michael Scopelitis, St. Joseph Superior Court, Indiana

  • St. Joseph County's experience with requiring this work began in 2006.
  • Thousands of families in that county have had the benefit of this free and unique child-focused opportunity.
  • Judges, attorneys, mediators, and co-parenting educators agree that the websites provide essential insight and skills to parents in transition.
  • For more information on the uses and effectiveness of these websites, see the “Professisonals Corner.”
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Video Sampling

A Two-Minute Sampling of the 50+ Videos on UpToParents.

The Hope of a Cooperative System of Family Law

Family Professionals' Highest Responsibility

A judge's ideas on a lodestar for family professionals.

A Short Conversation with Judge Greg Horn

Wayne Superior Court, Muncie, Indiana

  • Judge Greg Horn from Wayne County, Indiana describes his jurisdiction's adoption of cooperative measures, including the requirement that motions be preceded by a solution-focused consultation—and the excellent results from these cooperative measures.

The Future Co-Parenting Relationship

The Responsibility of All Family Professionals

  • All family professionals share a common client: the future co-parenting relationship.
  • That relationship will always be responsible for the security of the parents' children.
  • It will also be what resolves countless future issues unknown today.
  • Download “The Four Immutable Principles of Separation and Divorce” by Charles Asher and Dr. Shay Daley.

Building a Successful Mediation Practice Using Our Resources