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May 14, 2014

Our Insights aren't really quizzes, as very smart people could easily be completely unaware of the actual answers. Instead, please enjoy the Insights (and the Responses you’ll immediately receive to your answers) as important eye-opening observations by experts in this field. 

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The late Judge E. Spencer Walton of St. Joseph County, Indiana often remarked that one of the most important duties of an attorney opening a new file was also one of the least appreciated. 

What would you guess he was referring to?

a.   Keeping the client informed.
b.   Treating the client as an equal partner in the matter.
c.   Reviewing the file regularly.
d.   Closing the file.
e.   Copying the file for the client.

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Extra Thought of the Week

"The harsh truth is that unless we devise substitutes for the courtroom processes, we may be on our way to a society overrun by hordes of lawyers hungry as locusts and brigades of judges never before contemplated. . . .  The notion that people want black-robed judges, well-dressed lawyers, and fine-paneled courtrooms as the setting to resolve their disputes is not correct.  People with problems, like people with pain, want relief, and they want it as quickly and inexpensively as possible.”

— Chief Justice Warren E. Burger,
address to American Bar Association,
New York, May 28, 1977,
The Quotable Lawyer
, p. 195.

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