Professionals' Introduction to

Assisting families' transitions by prioritizing children's needs

Welcome to America’s premier—and totally free—online educational tool for parents raising children between two homes.  Our charity’s website has assisted over 250,000 parents in building a focus on their children's needs—and in using that focus to define and guide their future interaction.

Our experience is that the strongest predictor of, and encouragement of, mature and constructive behavior in divorce and paternity cases is one thing: parents’ connection to their natural wish to do well for their children, including by reducing children’s losses, building peace in their family, and supporting their good opinion of and good relationship with both parents.

The UpToParents workshop engages parents (in both English and Spanish versions) by a unique format of personalized work where parents see their children’s names and directly address their specific needs—and then receive feedback at 18 different places on that personalized work.

The website also guides those parents facing particular challenges such as domestic abuse.

The result is a highly educational, affective, and motivational experience receiving extraordinary parents feedback.

Here are links to some introductory materials.

The last of these includes a comprehensive explanation of this resource, including the following.
  1. Sample professional endorsements.
  2. Sample parent feedback.
  3. Some advantages of UpToParents.
  4. Sample referral rule from courts.
  5. Sample referral notice from co-parenting educators.
  6. Collaborative Professionals Use of UpToParents (with sample referrals).

You are welcome to contact us at any time for assistance in incorporating this resource in your jurisdiction or practice.