Workshop Videos

Welcome! Workshop Video #1

Do better for your children and yourselves by putting your children's needs first. Here's how to get started! This video covers Sections I, II, III, and IV of the UpToParents Workshop.

Foundations For Success! Workshop Video #2

You can be a child's hero today! Learn more about how to stay connected to everything you have learned so far. This video introduces Sections V, VI, VII, and VIII of the UpToParents Workshop.

Different Ways to Co-Parent - Workshop Video #3

Get suggestions for how to communicate your co-parenting plan with others - including family members, well-wishers, and professionals. Consider how you can be the answer for all of your children's needs! Dr. Asher-Smith and Judge Scopelitis explain Sections IX, X, XI, and XII of the UpToParents Workshop.

Finish Strong! Workshop Video #4

Being open to a better way of parenting is doable. You can have success right away if you remain focused on building a new relationship between you and your co-parent for the sake of your children's future and your own. This video discusses Sections XIII and XIV of the UpToParents Workshop.

Join the Conversation! Workshop Video #5

You can always return to UpToParents for help. We hope you consider being a strong voice for turning around the negative ways so many people handle situations like yours. Congratulations on completing this very important work!